About Fluid Art

The abstract painting technique of Acrylic Pouring mesmerizes by it’s beautiful, organic looking patterns. Its base practises are quite accessible and quickly to learn for beginners, while the advanced forms offer elaborate techniques and mixtures that are hard to master and lend themselves to never ending experimentation, learning and honing of practices, as well as combination with other mixed media techniques. While knowledge and understanding of the materials & techniques, the instinct for composition and the effect of  colour harmonies play an important role for the visual impact of fluid art,  the “accidental” nature of the creation of organic motifs incites the painter to render control and embrace the mindful, fluid, beautiful randomness of their creations – setting the mind free of the constraints of traditional figurative art.

photo og Gabi Tysarzik
photo og Gabi Tysarzik

About Gabi’s Flying Colours

Design, fine arts and making things have always been a critical part of my life in one way or another, however sharing my passion for fluid art started only a couple of years ago when I experienced the striking positive, de-stressing effect of Acrylic Pouring on mental wellbeing, for me personally as well as for many of my workshop participants. While I love painting, I also particularly appreciate transmitting the process to likeminded creatives.

I have a professional background in teaching, digital design and corporate technology. I live in Switzerland, in the Geneva Lake Region.

photo of hands in blue paint



Contact me here for inquiries about workshops, classes or commissions. I will be delighted to hear from you!